Training Center Lavazza S.p.A.

Warsaw 2019

Lavazza transformed a historic, XIX century army barracks into a space to train top-level personnel.

In 2019, Lavazza opened their Training Center in Warsaw in a converted historic army barracks, which was once part of the city’s fortified wall. The space is located on the ground floor and can be directly accessed from the street, underneath a walkway.

The Training Center consists of two adjoining rooms with barrel-vaulted ceilings.

From the street you enter the main room of the Training Center. Here, on a large central island there are several workstations, joined to form a long bar counter facing the visitors and complemented by a series of coffee makers as well as ancillary workstations placed along one of the walls. The ambience is warm, the gleaming high-tech equipment is in sharp contrast with the clay brickwork of walls and ceilings, left exposed to give the impression of an urban bar or coffee shop. Lighting is fitted in the centre of the vault to emphasise the slender plan of the two rooms, which this project intends to enhance.

Although the exposed brickwork does not follow Lavazza’s standard issue guidelines, it emphasises the historic character of this building.

Through a single door you enter the adjacent room, a versatile space for tastings, conferences and meetings. This room has a more formal atmosphere. A selection of Lavazza’s signature pictures, chosen to represent the mood of the brand, are put on display in a sort of tiny photo gallery which sits on the Center’s characteristic brown band on a white background.