Lavazza Italia Offices

Torre del Greco, Naples 2017

Tradition is preserved in the homeland of coffeemaking.

The Torre del Greco offices, on the outskirts of Naples, abides by the rules of traditional coffeemaking and the ways in which this product was consumed over the centuries. The Historical building is the life and soul of the office but at the same time, it has symbolic value because of its special position within the city.

According to principles of spatial planning, different activities happen on the two floors: reception and the Training Center are on one floor and the commercial and representative areas are on the other.

As the building is listed, the main intent of the project was to both preserve and show appreciation for the architecture, paying the same degree of attention you would to a museum, with carefully designed lighting, in order to provide for a unique, pleasant experience.

The windows of the offices allow the natural light to flood in and provide a unique vantage point for viewing the surrounding landscape.

This project has followed and adapted Lavazza’s guidelines to make the most of the available space.

In the Training Center, workstations face each other and double as teaching platforms for learning the art of coffee making. The size of the Training Center’s characteristic brown band has been shrunken down to conform to the historic building features. Tiny pictures on the subject of coffee decorate the walls of the training room.

Large pictures symbolising the brand are directly hung onto the cream-coloured walls of the reception and theoretical training room, similarly to decorative paintings, to convey the values of the company.

Dimensions: 500 sqm
Location: Torre del Greco (NA) – Italy

Partner: Alifor srl – Verona