Lavazza France Offices

Paris 2018

Graphic design is turned into an exercise in spatial cognition and defines the various areas of Lavazza’s new offices in the French capital.

Lavazza France, one of the partners of the celebrated coffee makers from Turin, has recently taken up residence in the Arrondissement of Boulogne-Billancourt, a district of the Île-de-France in rapid expansion, a few kilometres from the centre of Paris.

This large openplan space is divided up by screens which are almost theatrical and feature largescale prints depicting the product and its message.

The warm shade of the fitted carpet as well as the harmonious colour scheme are the focal points of a project in which spatial planning was key and also includes several topend objects, representing Italian design.

The meeting rooms are one of the best features of the entire scheme; they act as room dividers by separating the various workstations and let natural light through as they are in clear glass.

In this project, there are neither doors nor walls: walls give way to dramatic screens, which subdivide the space and create private, secluded workstations and altogether decorate the long and narrow corridors as a sort of sequence shot.

Partitions in drywall act as support for floortoceiling graphic as well as photographic reproductions of the brand’s most representative images and campaigns. As a result, all the vertical surfaces are an opportunity to convey the identity of both product and brand: graphic design is turned into a study in spatial planning, decorating the various areas with the recent campaign by the photographer Steve McCurry for the project Tierra, aimed at supporting the main coffee producing countries.

Dimensions: 900 sqm
Location: Paris

Partner: Officenter srl – Gallarate; PMA; VINCI Facilities