Lavazza Premium Coffee

New York 2019

Lavazza’s new headquarters in Manhattan are at the heart of the most famous financial district in the world.

In 2018, on the thirty second floor of a skyscraper in Lower Manhattan, overlooking the river, port and the borough of Brooklyn, Lavazza expanded its New York headquarters, previously located on the twenty seventh floor of the same building.

The main aim of the project was to alter the skyscraper’s 800 sqm open plan, transforming the light, the dizzying height of the floor and the breath-taking view of the New York skyline into organic parts of the project. The façade of the tower is paced by large windows in rapid succession and as a result the interiors, open on all four sides, are practically fully glazed.

Workstations and offices, which occupy the perimeter of the building, make the most of natural light and enjoy the wonderful view. The vast panorama meets the interior space, which derives its character from a constant exchange with the outside and by contrasting the wide expanse of “The Big Apple” with the cosy, intimate and familiar ambiance of the new offices.

Letting in the light, opening up unexpected views and creating a combination of hidden and see-through spaces are the main characteristics of this extension project. An individual partition wall, with images from Lavazza’s world, filters the view onto the other walls of the showroom. This project considerably alters the original floorplan up to the service areas, subdividing it into three distinctive zones full of light: a long open-plan space,with a triple-sided view, which extends the entire length of the building and a meeting room and offices with a relaxation area, facing he opposite side.

Dimensions: 800 sqm
Location: NYC (USA)

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