office design, designing with an eye to the future

Isidoro Mastronardi Architetto is an architecture practice with a fieldspecific experience. In fact, since it started over 15 years ago, it has become an authority in planning, designing and building company offices, international corporate headquarters, branch offices, centres for professional development, coworking and smart working.

The workplaces of tomorrow must respond to the needs of an everchanging world.

The client’s brief outlines the objectives and criteria of every project in fact, by examining a company’s organisation and specific needs we can define the spatial layout. Understanding its core values helps us develop the ground rules for communicating the brand’s identity.

a new office, a new home

Personal wellbeing is essential if we mean to promote the productivity and satisfaction of the workers, this translates into workplaces designed with the same care and attention as are normally reserved to homes. Our designs are homelike, warm, pleasant, elegant, full of natural light, functional and flexible, easy to adapt to induvial needs. By evoking certain aspects such as placemaking and a proximity to nature, which are generally reserved to the domestic sphere, we help the workers to feel at home and promote their identification with the firm.

space planning, restructuring the workplace

It is no easy task to bring change to wellestablished systems, especially if by modifying the space you are also disrupting routines, altering habits and interpersonal relations. So, working in close partnership with the management team and involving the employees, ensuring they take an active part, is essential for a successful outcome.

Our experimental process and approachable character act as a catalyst for change since we focus our attention on the organization of work before addressing spatial issues.

meet the team

Isidoro Mastronardi

CEO – Architect

After gaining experience, Isidoro opened his own practice in 2002.
A son of tailors, he branded his projects as Tailor Made, with a clear Made in Italy imprint.
With his restless temperament, he comes up with new ideas (usually receiving inspiration during nightly hours …)
His numerous children are a constant incentive to keep up with the times: he would solve everything with an app …
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Born on an Easter Sunday, Luisa discovered her passion for architecture in high school. The past shows her the way for the future.
In the era of communication, she defines herself as LIVE SOCIAL: “technology helps us feel closer but true beauty is being together LIVE”.
Luisa is a daughter, mother, companion, collaborator and a friend … as an amateur astronomer.


Born and raised in her beloved Salento, she moved to Turin to follow her passion for design and graphics.
Always looking for new and innovative ways to design and communicate, she works in a digital world but always keeps a human touch.
Looking for a place on which to lay solid foundations (both here and in the world) she loves to travel, discover new places and cultures. But one thing she knows for a certainty: the dream of a life with a sea view.


He truly understood that architecture is his way, when he realized that everything he loves to do, such as traveling and visiting places, has become much more stimulating with a cultural and architectural background to back it up with. If you add a glass of good wine, everything becomes more engaging and interesting.
A sportsman: he spent 20 years on the football field and has now beaten all the trails of our mountains. He lives every job like a match: only with the right “determination” and a good team excellent results can be obtained.


Elena graduated in architecture for the sustainable project in 2018 at the Polytechnic of Turin.
She has had a passion for architecture since adolescence, exploring and observing the world.
She always tries to look outside of the box, bringing the world inside her projects.
She is specializing in BIM design.
She is passionate about travel, photography and martial arts …


She defines herself an architect “sui generis”. More than the design of buildings and furnishings, over the years she dedicated herself to the safety of the workplace.
Convinced supporter of prevention actions, her obsession with procedures convinced her that the best way for her was to make the world safer.
Hers is much more than a profession, it’s a real mission!
In her spare time she loves to travel, play sports and dedicate herself to her family.


Safety, building practices and estimations are her daily business.
Autonomy and precision coexist within her along with cordiality and empathy in group relationships. An adoptive mother of two extraordinary children, she has a thing for detective novels and she would never give up the company of her friends.