Training Center Lavazza France S.A.S.

Parigi 2019

In the heart of Paris, the new offices of the French Training Center Lavazza illustrate the values of this Italian brand.

In 2019, the French Training Center Lavazza was constructed
in the heart of Paris at number 125 Avenue des Champs-Élysées. The Training Center is located on the fifth and top floor of an elegant period building with a breath-taking view of the Arc de Triomphe.

The core of the Training Centre is a large room. It houses an island with cutting-edge coffee makers, set aside for practical training. At centre stage, there is an oval tasting table which encourages the public to come closer to try the coffee blends on display and an area for theoretical training which can be converted into a meeting room when necessary.

Near the perimeter walls, there are side tables which double as areas for brewing and preparing coffee, as well as display shelves for products and small coffee makers.

All the pieces of furniture here are in cream white with accents in dark brown, like the colour of roasted coffee beans. In the same shade of brown, the flooring in LVT, which is stainproof and easy to clean, has rectangles in red, a clear reference to the berries of the Coffea bush.

A cornice del tutto, sulle pareti sono stati affissi quadri che evocano il prodotto e il coffee design.

As a final touch, the room is decorated with pictures which evoke the product itself as well as the world of “coffee design.”

Then we have several offices; a small room for one person and a larger one with bigger tables, which, when required, can be transformed into flexible, communal workstations.

The large-scale prints which frame the space are taken from Lavazza’s iconic calendars.

Special attention was paid to the choice of light fittings: recessed lighting, functional as well as aesthetically pleasing, for the training area as it was necessary to light the space suitably during work hours as well as in different times of the year, although the multitude of windows overlooking the Champs-Élysées flood the room with natural light. Functional suspended lighting for the offices and a bolder aesthetic for the tiny refreshment area at the entrance of the Training Center.

Dimensions: 250 sqm
Location: Paris

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