Offices and Lavazza Deutschland

Frankfurt 2015

With a project which reflects the character of its host city, Lavazza’s Italian tradition blends seamlessly with the central European context.

To mark the twentieth anniversary of Helmut Newton’s first photographic calendar for Lavazza, the Group decided to renovate the Frankfurt offices, an important milestone as they were acquired at the beginning of the company’s international expansion.

The offices are housed in a multi-storey tower, opposite the location where the fair Messe Frankfurt is held. The plan of the building is misaligned with a rectangular section joined, on the opposite side, to an elongated semi-circle.

The refurbishment is thus an opportunity to extend the offices to the entire floor. This project transforms a vast section of the semi-circle into a single open-plan space, lined with uninterrupted glazing, facing west, and a curved wall which shapes the main corridor in the centre of the building. The impenetrability of the corridor is mitigated by replacing segments of the walls with wide partitions in crystal, which let light into the heart of the skyscraper. The corridor also doubles as a photo-gallery, with floor-to-ceiling pictures of the brand’s campaigns.

The new open-plan space, filtered by several partitions which turn into dramatic screens, makes room at one end for a large, executive meeting room, one of the client’s explicit requests. In fact, as the city serves as a crossroads for many international flights, the Frankfurt office holds frequent international corporate meetings.

Dimensions: 1340 sqm
Location: Frankfurt

Partner: Officenter srl – Gallarate