Carambar Offices

Paris 2016

Carambar’s offices in Paris combine analysing the company’s visual identity and spatial planning.

Designing the new Parisian offices of French confectionary multinational Carambar, known around the world for its sweets and delicacies, also required meant finding an effective visual identity.

This resulted in a thorough analysis of the brand’s corporate image, starting from the architectural design and moving on to find a visual identity.

The key players in this project are the bold colours chosen for the communication strategy and the neutral tones of the office furniture.

The offices for Carambar are an example of how to combine visual identity with spatial planning.

The overall layout is inspired by the principles of smart working, with vast rooms in which workstations are interspersed with pleasant, openplan spaces, furnished with seating and tables for informal meetings.

On the walls, photoenlargements of the products help to create a cheerful work environment, one of the brand’s key values.

Dimensions: 1200 sqm
Location: Parigi

Partner: Officenter srl – Gallarate